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I was doing some Googling and looking around Facebook the other day and it somehow occurred to me that the British seem to be the most vocal against size zero. During the F/W 2007/2008 Fashion Week period last spring, plenty of newspaper articles debated the size zero issue, and most were British.

Anti size zero Facebook groups include:

NO to size ZERO! (this group makes it sound like being size zero is wrong, period. Regardless of height. Although they’ll tell you otherwise.)

Against size zero models (okay, this group makes sense…5’10 models are way, way, way too tall to be zeros. HEAR THAT MAINSTREAM DESIGNERS? SIZE ZERO PANTS SHOULD NOT HAVE A 34″ INSEAM. MOST PEOPLE WHO WEAR ANYTHING UNDER A VANITIED US 4 ARE SHORT TO AVERAGE HEIGHT.)

Girls should be happy with their own size f*** size zero (same idea as the first link)

I understand that in the UK, sizes are different and that what we know as a size zero in the US and Canada is a 4 there. Still, they seem to say that anyone under a UK 6 or 8 is kind of gross, including petite women.

On another note, some of the comments in these Facebook groups are pretty much borderline racist(if you go back far enough in one of the groups, you’ll see that one girl mentioned something about “tiny Chinese women” being fit models for Marks and Spencers (back when everything was manufactured in mainland China and Hong Kong) and that these don’t fit “real British women.” I was thinking, there are plenty of Chinese British women in the UK. As in UK born and raised. You know, BBC (British Born Chinese). She really should have worded it “ethnically English” or something like that), though I’m thinking that the posters don’t really know that they are being so. Clothing size and ethnicity, however, is another post for another day.

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  • ChiquitaGirl

    There seem to be extremes everywhere! I was recently looking at a magazine with someone and they commented to me how they did not like Scarlett Johansen because she was curvier than an average ‘model’ and “Didn’t Vogue know that today’s beauty is Skinny!”

    I was so shocked that I didn’t know what to say. 3% of this world is naturally thin..thin..thin…which is fine. But how about the other 97%…this is why we have anorexic models and people out there because magazines tout that skinny = beautiful. If 3% of this world is naturally skinny these designers, and magazines and media force not so slim models to slim up to get jobs and now they are penalizing them for being below a certain BMI or anorexic. And then other naturally thin models comment about those anorexic models as if it is all their fault.

    I know plus models that look more beautiful than many super thin models just because they have a healthier glow and beautiful facial features..not just skinny bones and high cheek bones.

    Short or tall, SKINNY DOES NOT MEAN BEAUTIFUL. Unhealthy SKINNY CAN LEAD to the HAG syndrome meaning that you look older than you are, your hands look scaly(Have you seen Nicole Ritchie’s hands or Paris Hilton’s hands?), and I don’t know..but I’d rather see someone with a little pudgy than a skeleton.

    I really hope that most women do not equate Skinny = Beauty…this would be a really sad reality.

  • Anonymous

    garment size-range planning is not controlled by emotions or feelings. It is controlled by the unstoppable, humdrum technical realities which form the foundations of the sewn-garment-manufacturing industry.

    i believe that you wouldn't start expressing opinions about the best way to fill in a tooth decay. you'd leave that topic to those who've studied dentistry.

    so let's leave the discussion of garment sizes to those who make garments for a living?

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