Spoken Word/Movement Piece on Petite Issues

I submitted this video for YouTube’s Life in a Day.

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  • Jackie

    LOL, love it! I really hopw this gets someone attention. BEAUTY IS NOT ABOUT DRESS SIZE! OR HEIGHT!

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting. I do agree that short people get overlooked both figuratively and literally speaking. But here are a few things worth bearing in mind.

    1. Throughout Western history, or at least over the last two centuries, taller women have generally been considered more elegant. After all, it's a culture that has always implied that taller men (and women)are natural leaders and "bigger is better" as in bigger houses, bigger parks, bigger carriages/cars, etc. A simple glance through 18th and 19th century literature (both obscure and famous) will tell you that: many of the heroines are described as being "above average" in height. (Interestingly, any woman at the extremes–either very tall or short–was considered ridiculous.) Indeed, one of the reasons why Jane Eyre was so exceptional as a heroine was because of her very petiteness. (C. Bronte was 4'9" herself.)

    2. Actresses and entertainers, for the most part, are not going to complain about their appearance–unless it's something along the lines of "I'm too thin" or "my legs are too long." No one in the public eye, particularly actresses, is going to call attention to her shortcomings because that will only reduce her chances of landing a role. And since roles are hard to come by, an actress will take whatever she can get–even if its "cutesy."

    There's also the issue of whether short actresses consider their height a serious disadvantage too. They may not. Most rational people have learned to accept their height one way or another: yes, I'd like to be 6' but there's not much I can do about it. So why bother? If they do complain, they simply leave it like Madonna did–"I'd like to be 2 inches taller." (And we know that Madonna has become hugely successful w/out the extra two inches.) Finally, they simply don't have to worry about clothes not fitting since most are custom tailored to them anyway.

    Unfortunately, these are realities we have to work with. But it doesn't mean that all is hopeless.

    We do need more petites–like you–blogging. In fact, we need more people NOT over 5'9" photographing themselves, showing that we can carry off an array of looks too, particularly when they are proportioned for us. We need to get rid of the condescending attitude that says that women under 5'9" cannot wear X,Y,Z, etc. (i.e., shorter and average women can pull off large prints and patterns providing that they are not scaled for TALL women.) We need to demand that fashion will look good on us when they designers stop catering solely to a mere 3% of the population.

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