Petite Fashion Challenge #5: Brighten Up Your Work Wardrobe!

For the first Petite Fashion Challenge of 2011, I asked fellow petite bloggers and petite blog readers to put together a work-appropriate outfit that has no more than one dark piece, save for shoes, accessories and hosiery.  I actually had trouble deciding which outfit to use, so I’m going to post both:

Outfit #1: 

Camisole: Smartset, XS
Skirt: Banana Republic 0P from Fall 2009 – yeah, had to size up
Shoes: Anyi Lu, size 5
Belt: H&M XS

I was actually debating about the above because I saw another blogger post a similar-looking outfit the day I shot this.
Outfit #2:
Cardigan: Banana Republic, XXSP (this colour sold out, still available in grey)
Blouse: Banana Republic Factory Store, XXSP
Pants: Jackson Fit Tuxedo from Fall 2009 (similar here), size 00P
Shoes: Anyi Lu (same as above)
Non Petite Fashion Bloggers:
1. Vicky, 4’11”
No details of these outfits were given.
2. Christina, 5’2″
The Bloggers:
  1. Really Petite
  2. The Life of AJ
  3. Psyched for Style
  4. To Brighten My Day
  5. Eceteraj
  6. Fast Food and Fast Fashion
  7. Fashion For Teens
  8. Psyched for Style

This was a:


About CynthiaC

Cynthia Cheng Mintz, founder of Shorty Stories, also runs the online-only lifestyle magazine, DelectablyChic!

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  • Em

    Your first outfit almost matches mine! High five!

    Thanks again for hosting 🙂

  • fashionforteens

    Loved your look! This was such a fun challenge to do. It was hard to find bright winter items that I could wear to work, but it was helpful since I fall into a rut with dark colors.
    Thanks for hosting:)

    Check out mine!

  • Sisters Sincere

    Love both outfits! I really like the color combo of the first; very cute!

    Some of the links don't seem to be working! Hope you gets the bugs worked out soon! 🙂

  • The Little Dust Princess

    I really like the first outfit, but I adore the colours used in the second one. Great job and thanks for hosting 😀

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  • Alterations Needed

    Thanks for hosting! Great colors…what a nice way to break out of that winter funk. Vicky and Christina look fabulous!

  • kileen

    great outfits and i think my fave would be the second look. you look great in pink!

    and thank you so much for hosting! this was a fun challenge!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  • Tara

    Both oufits are great, but I really love #2! I think it fits the bright theme of this challenge perfectly! Thanks for hosting, what a great challenge idea (and so totally up my alley)

  • ReallyPetite

    Thanks for hosting! You did a great job! This was my first one so YAY! 🙂

  • Ellen ♥

    Yay! your outfit is okay. I can't determine that your petite. 🙂 Yay for this post! 🙂

  • curls-and-pearls

    Thanks for hosting Cynthia! I really love your first outfit, so elongating 🙂 But the colours in the 2nd outfit are so vibrant.

    Vicky and Christina you both look amazing! I love how you incorporated so much pattern Vicky and Christina those tights are amazing!

  • Erin

    Thanks so much for hosting!! Can't wait to see everyone's looks 🙂

  • Jen HaHA

    Thanks for hosting! I really like that orange in the first outfit. I thought, how can she beat that? Then I saw the bright cheery colors in the second one and decided it's a toss up. Fabulous vs fabulous!

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  • CynthiaC

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. I hope I'm not missing anyone's posts. I had a few who registered, but did not have posts as of 9 pmtonight.

  • CynthiaC

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. BTW, I hope I'm not missing anyone's posts. I had a few who registered, but did not have posts as of 9 pm tonight.

  • PetiteLittleGirl

    Thanks for hosting, Cynthia! I actually like the 2nd outfit better. It's rare to see you (or other petite ladies) in pants. Great job!

  • Gracie

    First off, thanks for hosting the challenge!

    Now, I love your second outfit!! The colors are bright and screaming for spring. Nice combo!

  • Elle

    Thanks for hosting this month's challenge, you did a great job! Thanks so much!

    I really like your first outfit, the color combination is one of my favorites.

  • PetiteAsianGirl

    Cynthia – thanks so much for hosting! I like both your outfits…I know you had fun debating and am glad you're showing us both.

    I had fun with this one although I lost my top the day of the photo taking. Oh and it's nice to see Vicky and Christina! Nice tights!

  • betty;

    both outfits are well put together 😀 i love the colours in the first picture, very natural earthy tones while in the second one its more vibrant and playful. i absolutely love the shirt in the second one <3
    and to answer your question… i'm actually not too sure if its vintage, i would say it is cause it use to be my mom's but other than that, i have no clue

  • I am Khatu

    Thanks for hosting. I love wearing bright colors so naturally, this by far is my favorite challenge. I love both your looks especially, the second one. For some reason I thought the challenge was this Thursday! Just posted my entry, hope I'm not too late.

  • Cee

    Thanks for hosting, Cynthia! You look great in both looks, but I love the color combos of the 2nd 🙂

    Vicky and Christina look great too!

  • Sisters Sincere

    Hi Cynthia! Yes, the clutch and belt are from the ASOS line. One word of wisdom: the belt seems to run a bit small. I wear a 00-0 and the belt was too small for my hips and their aren't enough holes to wear it cinched at the waist (shhh…mine is actually tied in the pics!).

  • Kiki

    Thank you so much for hosting! This was such a fun PFC. I love your cardis! 🙂 Kiki

  • Vicky

    Thank you for hosting, Cynthia! It is again very fun. I love your first outfit. I first thought you were wearing a dress underneath the cardigan, until I read the text. You look long and lean in that picture. Great job!

  • Mae Lu

    I love these. I'm a petite blogger as well. I think people confuse "petite" with slim and short, not realizing it just means short. I love that you feature petites of all sizes.

    My mum would love this. I should show her.

    I'm 5'2.5", which is still pretty little in terms of, well, everything!

    I can't wait to see what people come up with. I'm not very good at infusing color in my work wardrobe, if it's in the middle of winter.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  • Miss. Studios

    Thanks for hosting Cinthia! I love orange and khaki combo in your first outfit! They are definitely an eye-catcher.

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