Mainstream Media and Petite Suggestions

Alterations Needed posted a great article this morning about mainstream magazines and their views on how we petites should dress.  In the April issue of Glamour, there is a piece which suggests jacket for different body types – boy-shaped, plus size and petite (see left). Again, Glamour, like all other mainstream media, made the mistake of equating petite with not just short, but short and small-framed.  In addition, that varsity-like jacket is NOT a good thing for smaller women to begin with – especially one who has a tiny frame.  We have enough trouble trying to prove that we’re our age, so why should we want to look like we’re in high school (unless, of course, you ARE in high school)?  Glamour’s core readers are in their early to mid 20s, no?  Combine that with the utterly short jean skirt. 

I think mainstream media really needs to get on with it and research real petite issues like they did (somewhat, anyway) with plus sizes. Of course, I really doubt they would for many years to come.  It doesn’t help when even some fashion and style bloggers/writers who are petite or on the petite side don’t seem to think it’s that big of a deal (petite writers at mainstream magazines, I’m LOOKING AT YOU!!!)

This is one reason why I like running my own publications.  No need to be “too mainstream” and I can say what I want without the need to “go with the standard.”

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  • ShortWoman

    Oh I couldn't agree more! They don't recommend muumuus and other tent-like attire for plus sized women, do they? What's their excuse for suggesting we dress like we're still 17? Turns out that's another magazine altogether.

  • Banhannas

    Hallelujah yes! Oh boy -faceplam- a varsity jacket is great for a girl in high school dating a football jock but REALLY for a woman in their early to late 20s?! No thanks, I don't want another excuse to be carded.

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