Mad Men Scarf From Banana Republic

As you probably have read in various petite blogs, Banana Republic’s Mad Men collection, while pretty, was for the most part, not petite-friendly at all.  Petite sizes were not in stores – even ones with petite sections and the regular sizes were just too big.  However, that can’t be said about accessories.  Accessories don’t have a “size” and can therefore, fit everyone.  I decided to get the short scarf, the “spot print neck scarf” ($50 Canadian, $39.50 US). It’s a great piece to wear if you want to give some pop to a plain coloured outfit.  It’s also one of those scarves that would look great tied to a plain black or grey bag.

There are plenty of other accessories that just about anyone can wear, including necklaces, bracelets as well as bags and perhaps, shoes.  The pumps do come in a size 5, but in my experience, Banana Republic makes their shoes a little bit bigger than other brands.  If you can barely wear a 5 with, say, Stuart Weitzman, then unfortunately, shoes are out of the question for you.

For some of my favourites (including ones I can’t wear), check out DelectablyChic!’s Top Six Picks!

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  • So sad that it isn’t petite friendly! I’m hoping to refrain just because it is so pricy! But I think the styles are gorgeous and inspiring!

  •  Glad you at least were able to get something from the new line, and thankfully accessories fit everyone!  I think I love accessories more than anything else fashion-related.  😛

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