My Banana Republic Mad Men Cigarette Pants Have Arrived….

…and it ISN’T GOOD.  Since the pants don’t come in petite, I had no choice but to order them in a regular.  They also don’t come in 00 (these are size 0), not even on the US site.  Just as I thought, they were way, way, way too big.  I think they’re going to be returned.  Alterations probably WON’T HELP AT ALL…

Take a look at the pictures:



Not only is the inseam too long, but the crotch is much too low as well. In order for the crotch to fit properly, I practically have to pull it up to my chest:



And notice how much space is left!!

Side view:

From the side, it looks like it just needs a bit of hemming, but we all know that isn’t the case…


I mean, look at the space once it’s pulled up!!

I realize I bought a size larger than I normally would (plus at regular rather than petite), but I also thought that cigarette pants would have a slimmer fit. This is seriously vanity sizing at its WORST.

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  • Hehe, I was surprised that you even ordered these in a regular 0. I think it’s pretty certain that their regular sizing bottoms (except mayyybe sz 00 shorter skirts or something with an elastic waist) will not come close to working on someone our size. 

    • I guess I was hoping that they’d fit with alterations (plus the pants didn’t come in 00 R, so I assumed that it would be slimmer fit.  I guess it is, but still way, way too big for people like us!)

  • Canadianpetite

    Yikes – these are so big!! The alteration cost would probably equal the purchase price before the pants fit you. I just placed my first BR order minutes ago. *crossed fingers*

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Now that my vacation will be over soon, hopefully I’ll be able to post more often. 

    • Exactly.  The pants went back to the store and were replaced with the Camille jacket (which I ordered online).

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