PFC 10: Summer to Fall, TIFF Media Style

September is a weird time.  For most of the month, it’s still technically summer, but for a lot of people, it’s “fall” – fall, after all, begins with the end of Labour Day/beginning of the school year.  For many of us here in Toronto, September also marks the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the event that pretty much wraps up the summer season. In the past few years, many films shown at TIFF went on to be Oscar nominees and even winners, including last year’s The King’s Speech.  While I’m definitely not part of the paparazzi or the crazy fan girl type, I definitely feel the star-crazed vibe around the city.  During the TIFF, the best places to see celebrities are either in the King and Spadina area, where many of films are viewed (and where many stars stay) or Bloor-Yorkville, where the stars might be seen shopping at its pricey boutiques. Celebrities might also be seen at various cafes in that areas during the day and of course, at viewings/premieres and parties in the evening.  However, rather than from a “stargazing/paparazzi” perspective, I’m going to do my petite fashion challenge from the media’s side (not that I have a media pass to go to any of the shows…)

The media might often be seen at, say, Starbucks writing their latest reviews.  Media tend to dress pretty casual, perhaps in outfits like these:

Summeresque Writer (a more likely scenario in early-mid September Toronto):

  •  Top: Banana Republic, size 00P ($69.50 US/$85 CDN – this colour sold out in 00P in the US and 0P in Canada)
  • Pants: Femme de Carriere, size 0
  • Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, size 5

And if there’s a cold spell…:

  •  Sweater jacket – Banana Republic, XSP (from Fall 2010)
  • Belt – Jacob, XSP (Fall/Winter 2010 – I think)
  • Boots – Donald J. Pliner, Size 5
  • (drink: Grande green tea (not my normal drink – my staple is a tall non-fat latte))

(My original plan was to do a from casual to red-carpet-ready piece, but that proved to be extremely difficult!  Look for something SIMILAR though, coming next week!)

Special thanks to Fashion For Teens for hosting!

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Cynthia Cheng Mintz, founder of Shorty Stories, also runs the online-only lifestyle magazine, DelectablyChic!

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  • Gorgeous top! Loving your fall boots!!

  • I love the BR sweater!

  • Love your fall outfit!  That top is so pretty – and I just realized the steep price different in US/Canadian prices. With our dollar so high we are REALLY getting ripped off!

    • That’s why I bought it online via a discount code! 


    I love your tank! A sweater and a hot Starbucks pull it into fall!

  • Cute idea to put a “media” spin on the challenge! My favorite accessory is of course the prerequisite Starbucks cup. 🙂

    • Haha on the Starbucks!  I actually ordered a TALL tea, but the barista asked if grande was okay, since tall and grande teas cost the same (but not any of the coffees!!).


  • Lisamdenny

    I love your boots!  Do you remember the style name?

    • I’ve had those boots for almost a year, and I think the actual style may be older – I got them at an outlet store!  But from what I can make out, it looks like the style number is RAFA S-8050 M.

  • Love your “fall” look, it looks ready to take on late fall chills. And love your SB accessory 🙂

    • Yeah, the fall look is probably more of a LG Fashion Week outfit (our
      Fashion Week is in mid-late October) than TIFF.  Unless there’s an
      unusual dip in temperature, the latter look is too warm for September.

  • Anonymous

    The print of your top is lovely – looking forward to the red carpet look as well!

  • Love the shirt – it’s so cute! And great transition, the sweater is perfect for fall.

    • Thanks.  It was pretty cool in Toronto today, and the fall version of the above outfit could have worked! 🙂

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