OMG, It’s WAAAY TOO BIG! – Loot from the Lucian Matis Sample Sale

If you follow Toronto area bloggers, you might have known about the Lucian Matis sample sale this past weekend.  Lucian was a contestant on the first season of Project Runway Canada and came in second.  He is known for innovative, avant-garde runway pieces that resemble art, but also has pieces that are ready-to-wear. Two of the pieces I bought include a lavender top and a below-the-knee pleated skirt.  After taking pictures, I’ve noticed that the top is not just a little bit big, but WAY TOO BIG, even after it’s tucked into the skirt.  Since the shirt was from a sample sale, I can’t return it.  I have no clue exactly what size it is.  Judging from the fit, it’s got to be at least a 4 or 6 – maybe even an 8, depending in Lucian’s sizing.  The skirt (again, not sure of the size, but it’s probably a 0 or 2) fits well, though.

It’s funny how things fit in front of the mirror versus in photos.  I thought it looked fine when I tried it on!  In fact, I thought it gave me more volume (and therefore the illusion of an uber-tiny waist).

By the way: Look for more pictures of my loot (the other pieces fit okay), coming to DelectablyChic! soon!


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  • Anonymous

    I’ve never been to a sample sale before, are you able to try anything on?  How are the arm holes on the shirt?  Over all it’s a really pretty colour and I like it with that pleated skirt, seems like a great length.  Is altering anything a possibility?

    • Yeah, I tried everything on.  It looked fine in front of the mirror when I tried it on, but it just doesn’t look that great anymore.  I’m not going to do anything to the skirt.  It’s the top that I have more issues with.  It feels…really wide.  The arm holes are okay though.  I might take it to the tailor to see if they can take it in a bit…it’s such a pretty colour!

      Sample sales are great – the prices are much, much lower!  There was a wedding gown at the sale going for $500! 

  • Ajouda

    is your neck hurting?

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