Petite Size Promotion Must Come from All

Last month, Shorty Stories asked readers this question:  Do you think companies do enough to promote their petite sizes?  Results are in, and we are not too surprised.

Out of all of those who were asked, over half, at 58% believed that companies weren’t doing enough – they might put information on their websites, but don’t say anything at all – as if petite sizing didn’t exist in their company.  36.8% of you believed that it wasn’t just the job of companies to promote petite sizing, but also bloggers.  5.3% of you didn’t believe that petite sizing needed to be promoted at all (why?).  No one thought that companies were already doing a good enough job nor did anyone pick “other.”

What do you think of these results?

About CynthiaC

Cynthia Cheng Mintz, founder of Shorty Stories, also runs the online-only lifestyle magazine, DelectablyChic!

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