Rolling Laptop Bag From David Jones

Jean’s post about her new bag had me thinking about the bags I use for my laptop.  For a long time, I, too was lugging everything in a tote – not such a great thing for my back.  This past Fashion Week, I decided to do something different.  I bought myself a rolling laptop bag.  I had been meaning to get something like this for years – ever since I saw high school kids carry books in suitcases back in 2003 or so, but never did.

  • Dress:  Banana Republic faux wrap dress, XXSP (from F/W 2010)
  • Camisole: Smartset, XS

I bought the bag at Bonny Stachels ‘n’ Duffles in Toronto. From a French-based company called David Jones (website is more corporate than consumer), the case cost me just over $110 after taxes and measures about 14″w x 16″ h (including wheels, excluding handle) and 6″ deep. It’s a bit bigger than many other cases, but I think it’s great if you don’t want to schlep a shoulder bag.  I was sick of hauling what I call my “portable office” – a 13″ Macbook Air, note pads, pen, camera, wallet, smartphone and no fewer than two lip glosses in a shoulder bag or tote.  And my addition of my not-quite DSLR (it is an interchangeable lens camera, but with a translucent mirror.  Similar in size to an entry-level DSLR) and additional lens, it’s not doing anything great for my shoulders or back.

Bag has handles so you can carry it by hand, too.  I don’t recommend doing this unless you have to (the bag is empty for the photo shoot)

Now, because this case is so big (it’s more a briefcase than a laptop bag) – pretty much suitcase sized – it isn’t for everyone.   You need either escalator or elevator access (or ramp), which is not always conveniently located or even existing  Otherwise, you’ll have to carry it.  And not everyone wants to look like she’s going away every day.  However, if you have an office on wheels, it is ideal.  It has a sleek, croc style pattern and comes in other colours besides black. I think it’s very feminine, unlike many other laptop bags.  There are compartments for your old school paper files and notes as well as your laptop and phone.   If I didn’t have a camera, however, I would have chosen a smaller, more compact model like this one, a sister bag to the one I bought.  During Fashion Week, the bag mostly stayed in the media area (there was no way I was going to carry it into the show areas – especially not with the runway room’s bleacher seating, but at least I could roll it from the subway to the venue (rather than having to carry like 10 lb worth of office on my shoulders).

What do you think about rolling laptop bags?  Do you think they’re usually too big/suitcase-like?  Do you own something like this?

Note:  It’s hard to find information about this bag or even David Jones online.  But if you want to know, the model number for this bag is DJ542S and the distributor is Holiday Group Inc.


*review of the shoes coming soon!!

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