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Despite having graduated from high school almost 14 years ago, I still have a resistance to wear lots of jewellery.  My high school was pretty strict about what we could and couldn’t wear while in uniform.  No “shower curtain earrings” (i.e. what the headmistress at my school called big hoop earrings, still popular when I was in middle school back in the early 90s) no dangly earrings (okay, I had a small collection of non-regulation earrings to wear on grub (uniform-free) days and weekends, but even then I rarely wore them.  It was pretty much the same three pairs of studs) no necklaces (except for ONE religious symbol) and one class ring.  Bracelets were a no-no, as was anything that was too out of the ordinary.  You might think that I would have gone crazy when I graduated, but no, that didn’t happen.  My collection is pretty much limited to a small charm necklace (two pieces of jade and a small heart, gifts from my parents and husband respectively), stud/keeper earrings, a bracelet and my wedding and engagement rings.

 Some pieces I like: What do you think?

I am changing that (or at least trying to).  I like wearing bracelets from time to time, though it’s difficult to find decent ones that would fit my tiny wrists. And I avoid wearing too many (don’t want to go the direction of Leandra from The Man Repeller.  As much as I respect her, the whole idea of an “arm party” is just a little bit too much for me.  I’m a more conservative girl, much to the chagrin of many fashion bloggers who probably think I’m crazy).  With necklaces, I have classic pearls and a diamond necklace that I would wear occasionally.  My day-to-day is, of course, my charm necklace.  I pretty much never take it off.  Earrings, however, I can’t do other than tiny ones.  Bigger studs are too 80s power woman, shower curtain earrings remind me of the headmistress’s speech (and not to mention inappropriate music videos).  I’m also getting into pins.  I saw some that I liked on ShopStyle and think it could be a great addition to some of my clothes, especially for the holiday season.  Besides, it’ll spruce up my little black dress collection.

My high school graduation portrait, taken in the 1997-1998 school year. No jewellery (except for religious symbols, small earrings and class rings) was allowed to be worn

So readers, what about you?  Did you have a strict uniform code in high school?  Do you own a lot of jewellery? Any tips for starting a decent collection that isn’t dowdy/granny-like?


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  • I used to wear a school uniform but the dress code wasn’t as strict as yours (I don’t recognize your uniform though, you must have not grown up in the east end? LOL). Maybe start off with a pendant or a simple long chain and make it a point to add it on to your outfit everyday. You could even try taking a photo of yourself with the jewelry on and with it off to compare. Jewelry can really give an outfit that extra something.  I think eventually you’ll start to get used to it. I’ve always loved big jewelry despite the fact that my jewelry collection is rather small (I think because I’m always attracted to more expensive pieces and I can’t afford them :P). But even still, I’m not heavily into wearing it especially since I work in a conservative field. I have a lot of piercings, but I just wear the same studs every day and also the same small chain around my neck. Usually I just add a ring and sometimes an extra necklace if the outfit calls for it. Not often do I wear bracelets to work (only my watch). I like them, but they get in the way of my typing and I end up removing them anyway. And very rarely do I wear all three together unless I’m going out at night. I just can’t think that much in the morning. LOL. 

    • Thanks for the tip! 🙂

      No, I’m not from the east end.  I grew up in North York and the school (The Bishop Strachan School (aka BSS)) I went to was in midtown.

  • Oooh I like the Elsa Peretti earrings. I normally stick to the same diamond studs everyday because I don’t like to bother changing my earrings too much and the same one or two rings. I usually find a necklace I really like and have a phase of wearing it for a long time! Lately it’s been a long gold chain from Banana Republic and an Aldo one with two keys. 🙂 I don’t have a jewelry addiction as much as a clothing one!

    • LOL on the clothing addiction… Yeah, I’m trying to get into pins and bracelets, since I like wearing the same earrings and necklace(s) for long periods of time, too.

  • Anonymous

    you’re really unattractive and cheap to boot. you probably shouldn’t participate in the secret santa next year, because everyone will be praying they don’t have you as their ss.

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