Video: Gap Suggests You Freeze Your Jeans

I saw a link to this video on Yahoo! (yeah, I still go there) this morning… What do you think?  Have you ever frozen your jeans?

I’ve personally never tried this, but it IS an interesting method…

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  • Anonymous

    Can’t watch videos at work 🙁 but I have heard of this before, I’ve never tried it b/c my freezer is always too full 😛

  • Katherine

    Lol I have never done this before but it was an interesting video. Maybe an alternative to washing them perhaps?

    • Yeah, they said that freezing was better than washing them in a machine…

  • Hmmm, very very interesting!  The idea still doesn’t feel “clean” to me, but I know that’s only in my mind!!!  I guess as long as the odors are gone, then it’s all good!  =P

    • LOL!…yeah, if you spill something on them, you’ll still have to wash-wash…can’t imagine throwing the jeans into your freezer after, say, spilling wine or ketchup!

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