My Black Friday Purchases, Part 1: The Little Black Dress

On Black Friday, I purchased a couple of items from Peacock Parade’s Black Friday sale.  Both items have arrived, but this post is for the BIG ITEM, a black Greta Constantine dress.  The dress’s very different look from what I typically purchase as well as the deep discount (original price, according to Peacock Parade was just under $1,200 – bought it at $269 before taxes) both caught my eye.  I knew the dress would require some alterations, since it was no mini on the 5’8″ model.  However, the amount of alterations would depend on what it looked like me me after it was delivered.

Look 1:

Look 2:

This is a dress that HAS to be belted and maybe even pinned.  Without them, it looks like a gown one wears at graduation or in a church choir.  However, once added, the neckline and waist give a much better shape.  I’m actually glad that I got it, even though it breaks my no black clothing shopping ban.

What it looks like without a belt (i.e. EWWWW):

On the original model:

What’s your opinion?  How much should I hem this, if at all?   Should I wear it with a different coloured belt?

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Cynthia Cheng Mintz, founder of Shorty Stories, also runs the online-only lifestyle magazine, DelectablyChic!

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  • The Girlie Blogger

    I love that LBD. The asymmetrical style looks nice. I like it better with a belt.

  • I like the first look but needs to be hemmed a little higher 🙂

  • I applaud you for trying a style that is out of the box – I really like that dressed belted on you. When I first saw your two pics, I didn’t mind the length, but after looking at the product shot, I think it may look better if it was hemmed to right below the knee like it shows on the model, just my opinion!

  • it’s a gorgeous dress, so i hope the alterations work out!  

    dash dot dotty

  • I love look 1! I think it definitely needs to be shortened in length. It looks like a really lovely chic dress that isn’t your usual little black dress.

  • Beautiful!! dress! Looks like its needs some hemming, and maybe to be taken in at the waist a bit. It looks quite a bit more fitted on the model. Be sure and show us the “final” iteration! 🙂

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  • Odie Raqvak

    I love mid calf dresses. I feel it highlights the ankles, and your ankles look amazing in that dress.

  • Sir David

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