Fitiquette: Virtual Fit Model Gives Users a 360 View of Outfit

Many of us know about the 360 on What not to Wear, used by hosts Stacy and Clinton to show how awful an outfit looks on a makeoveree.  Now you too can get a 360 view of what something looks like on you.  Fitiquette, an online virtual model site has just launched in beta.  This site allows you to see which brands work best on you based on your measurements (height and statistics, based on stores you frequent (see below)) and build (four to choose from).   While other sites, such as My Virtual Model, has existed for several years, this one also incorporates weight, thickness and draping of garments. Currently, only a few select brands, including BB Dakota and Dolce Vita are available.  Best of all, you can SHOP on this site.

Notice that XXS/XXSP is missing from Banana Republic (actually, petite is missing, period).

Choosing your body type from height and shape

Once you have entered your stats, you can start dressing your “model.”  You will be able to see how much you might need to alter and whether the outfit is a good fit before making the purchase.  As of December 12, 2011, there are three dresses, one skirt, one pair of pants and two tops available to try.  Clothing categories can be sorted by type or one can view all.  No footwear yet.

While this is a good concept, sizing is a bit inaccurate.  The first question they ask is your size, based on certain clothing brands.  The sizes are based on size charts from major clothing companies, so they’re not too accurate.  For example, they start Banana Republic at 0/XS when 00/00P and XXS/XXSP exist, even if it’s only online.  Also, in terms of height, the shortest one can be is 5′ even. And the smallest waist size appears to be 24″.  There are people smaller than that, but it is not acknowledged.  However, the people at Fitiquette have noted that eventually, users will be able to create models to their exact measurements. Hmmm, maybe we could also make one who actually looks like us? When trying on the clothes virtually, cannot put together full outfits as of yet.  Payment is made through Google Check-out, but currently, the site does not deliver internationally.  Kind of sucks for me (and others who live outside of the US) but hey, at least I can see what something looks like on my body type without having to try it on!


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  • I joined Fitiquette last night — so excited with this unique concept. 🙂  I hope this means perfect purchases every time now!

    • Same here – I hope more companies join in so we could see what things look like on us.  I also want to see more customization.  5′ and 24″ waists shouldn’t be the smallest size available.  I know people who’re like 4’10” with 22″ waists! 

  • Veenaisa

    Great innovative company

  • Andy

    Thanks for the great review and writeup on FITIQUETTE. We’re excited to bring this first ever fit based shopping experience. It’s great to know about the demand to add more size and height options. We will prioritize to do so soon and keep you posted. -Andy Pandharikar, CEO/Co-Founder,

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