November 2011 Poll Results: Most Would Get Custom if Affordable

Last month, we asked our readers whether they’d ever contact a designer to get something custom made.  Results were not too surprising.  Almost everyone, at almost 92%, said that they would if it were affordable, while only 8% said that they wouldn’t, only because they didn’t have model’s body type (i.e. tall and very skinny).  There were no answers to any of the other questions, including “No, I can buy my clothes at the store and then take them to a tailor.”

What do you think of the results?

This month’s question: What should be the maximum height for a PETITE MODEL modelling for a PETITE LINE? (see right side bar)

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Cynthia Cheng Mintz, founder of Shorty Stories, also runs the online-only lifestyle magazine, DelectablyChic!

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