Saying Goodbye to Google Friend Connect

Many bloggers, including Alterations Needed have posted about it.  It was posted and discussed over at Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB).  As of March 31, 2012, Google Friend Connect (GFC) will be no more for anyone NOT using a Google-related blog.  Shorty Stories, which spent over four years as a Blogger blog, moved to WordPress back in August.  This means that if you follow Shorty Stories with GFC, you will no longer be getting updates from us as of March 1,  2012.  They are saying that Google is trying to get users over to a Google+ page.  Shorty Stories is currently exploring the idea of a page, but has made no decision right now.  So how will readers keep up-to-date with our posts after GFC disappears?  Many ways:

Google Friend Connect landing page prior to login

Facebook:  Shorty Stories is connected through Networked Blogs and the site’s Facebook Page is pinged every time a new post goes live. Come like the site if you haven’t done so!

Twitter: Not only Tweets with links to new posts, but also shopping and blogger get-together tweets, etc…

Bloglovin’: A great place to find similar blogs, whether it be style, food or just about anything.  My other site, DelectablyChic!, is also on Bloglovin’.

RSS Feeds: The good old fashioned way of reading new posts, with updates going to whatever reader you choose.  Not on any reader?  There’s Google Reader, My Yahoo, Bloglines, etc…

I’ve noticed that non-Blogger blogs seem to have lower GFC counts, even if their other social media tools are high.  Shorty Stories, which only switched over to WordPress in August, has more GFC followers than DelectablyChic!, which was always on WordPress. I’ve also noticed that sites that are on Blogger seem to have more GFC followers than Twitter or Facebook and the opposite is true for Shorty Stories and DelectablyChic!.  But again, it could just be these sites.

For bloggers who are not on Blogger, I suggest that you inform your readers about the impending change and suggest other ways (such as what was mentioned above) for them to keep up with your site.  You don’t want to lose readers, after all.  Shorty Stories will be removing its GFC widget.

About CynthiaC

Cynthia Cheng Mintz, founder of Shorty Stories, also runs the online-only lifestyle magazine, DelectablyChic!

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  • RE: Google+ pages…I really think the only reason Google suggested that was to try to increase the activity on Google+. I’m not really interested, but will probably start a AN page just to secure the name so no one else tries to take it. I really don’t see myself updating and hanging out on it though.

    • I read a tweet yesterday where someone commented that Google+ pages are like gym memberships – lots of people, but they don’t use it (haha)!

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