Super High Heels: Your Take?

Toronto style blogger Backseat Stylers recently posted about Charlotte Olympia’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection of devastingly gorgeous shoes.  While they’re very pretty to look at, practically every one of them has a super-high heel.  According to the Charlotte Olympia website, many are as high as close to 5 3/4″ (the Dolly Slingback, shown below, is listed at 145 mm (5.71″) with a 30 mm (1 1/2″ ish) platform, but still)!  Even though I’m petite, I personally don’t wear anything higher than about 3 1/2″, maybe 4″ if there’s a platform.  I know that a lot of petite women want to look tall – and at almost 6″, I’d be almost 5’8″ – but even with the platform, it would be very difficult to walk in – for me, anyway.  Small feet and super high heels = very, very  bad idea.

I know that there are petites out there, even ones with small feet who can handle it, but most people I’ve spoken with agree with me that it’s hard.  And at nearly 6″ high, many are worried that they’d break their ankles.  At the same time, however, the Dolly (and many of the shoes from Charlotte Olympia) is gorgeous.  It’s just too bad that the vast majority of the collection is made up of super-high heels.  Add that to the fact that in Canada, it’s only available at The Room – unlike Holt Renfrew, The Bay isn’t exactly the best place for women with very small feet to shop for shoes!  What’s your take on uber-high heels?


Image via Shoerazzi

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  • Anonymous

    Interesting I never thought that having small feet would make it more or less difficult to walk in high heels, I just figured high heels were difficult to walk in period!  I’m a petite and have a super tall husband but I can’t walk in heels higher than 4in.  Just not practical for me and my comfort.  I always worry about having foot problems when I’m older too!

    • If you think of the foot as a hill, the smaller the foot, the steeper the incline as the heel gets higher!

  • It’s so true about small feet and uber-high heels not mixing – there just isn’t enough length to distribute the weight properly! I’m guessing that’s why models are able to walk in heels so much more easily – their feet are inevitably going to be larger than a petite 3-6.

    • But when models wear super-high heels, they’re well over 6′ tall!  They’re not the ones who need the height, we are! LOL

  • eveange66

    Yes the balance between hight and the smallness of the feet is quite challenging for petites. I used to wear high heels (but not super high though) but with very well constructed shoes. And what was particularly important then was to have enough place in the shoe box for all my toes. And then the arch had to be well proportionate. Meant one in every otner pair of heels I tried on. Well now I wear less high heels, first because I am always on the run, I car about my back and me feets and really do not want to have those awfully damaged feet some pld ladies have. But it is true too that, those last years, it was (and still is) very difficult to find trendy and elegant shoes not with high heels.
    I say come on, those shoes are for women who do not walk (or run as is my case…)!I do not have a car (in France and in Paris it is not uncommon) so I walk a lot and would not even think of wearing sneakers or, worse (sorry), flip flop.  So I need nice shoes but not too fragile.
    Now that i am older I do not care to seem taller or not as I am confident enough.

    • Good for you on being confident about your height!  As a style blogger, I sometimes feel really self-conscious about my height, especially when talking to designers.

  • Yes, I definitely agree! I have a pair of heels that aren’t that high 9cm? plus a small platform and they’re killer on my tiny feet! Plus the fact that they’re like size 3. I didn’t realize how uncomfortable it would be until I wore them in a wedding.

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