NYFW: 1960s Betsey Mania!

With a theme of 1960s London, going into the disco era of the 1970s, Betsey Johnson’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection opens with a short video of girls screaming at who’s presumably The Beatles.  The collection was full of bright colours, miniskirts, floppy hats, chunky sweater dresses and po’boy caps we see a typical Betsey production of happy models strutting down the runway. Pink was, very dominant, as were patterns, not unlike past collections.  It was definitely a mix of 1960s fun with a bit of 70s disco glamour while sticking with the Betsey philosophy of being very playful.

Out of the two decades represented, 1960s London was definitely more of a favourite.  The Disco Chic looks, complete with large hats and furs, were a bit reminiscent of  collections by other designers, present at recent seasons.  Favourite pieces include the entire opening look (especially the red gloves, which give the outfit just that pop of colour) and the long floral dress at around the 1:12 mark.

As usual, Betsey’s show ended with her cartwheel, but not before walking down the runway with her daughter and granddaughter.  Models came out not in pieces from her collection, but as cheerleaders.

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