Petites at Fashion Week: Day Three

Day Three was yet another busy day at Toronto Fashion Week with several highly anticipated shows including VAWK (which featured “regular women” models for the VAWKKIN line) and ever-popular and affordable, Joe Fresh.  For me, it was also a matter of running back up to Yorkville to pop into the Coach boutique for a book signing (Gail Simmons’ Talking with My Mouth Full) – more on that later this month – and rushing back to the tents for the rest of the night.  I barely had time to eat!  Anyway, there was still an opportunity to fit in a few Petites at Fashion Week…


Colleen and Jade

Anna and Chiala

It’s going to be another full day today with two biggies (Pink Tartan and David Dixon!) as well as Caitlin Power and Mercedes-Benz Start-Up finalist, Triarchy!

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