March 2012 Poll Results: Petite Sizing Ownership and You

Last month’s question asked you what percentage of your closet is made up of petite sizes.  I was NOT surprised to find out that for many of you, it occupies a good chunk of your wardrobe.  33% of you said that petite sizing occupied 80% or more of your wardrobe (I guess this means there’s a lot of Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and the like, huh?), while 12% said chose between 60 and 80%.  This was followed by 8% for 40-59% petite sizing and 3% for 20 to 39% petites.  A good number of you, at 22%, have some petite pieces (under 20% but not zero) and 16% said that they did not own any petite sizing at all.  6% did not know what petite sizing was.  I haven’t decided whether I’m surprised at that number as I know that a designated petite range is virtually unknown outside of the English-speaking world.

Do you agree with these results? Do you wear petite sizing at all? Why or why not? Do petite sizes exist where you live? My closet is probably about 35-40% petites. As I’ve started to support Canadian designers more, I have no choice but to purchase regular sizes and then sending them for alterations (often, it’s more than just a hem as the smallest sizes tend to be a rather big size 2).  Hmmm, maybe some day, Canadian lines would produce a small selection of petites.  But until then….

This month’s poll question is (on right sidebar): Do you think anti-size zero activists understand that zero can be a “real” size for petites?

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