What? Ron White Carries Sizes 4 & 4.5 at Nordstrom, Not Own Boutique

…not even online!  Ron White has received a lot of press lately about his line of oh-so-comfortable shoes, but I can’t wear them.  The smallest size I could find at the boutique and online is a 35/5 and it wasn’t just a little bit too big, something that can be helped by insoles, but MUCH TOO BIG – as in my feet slip out as soon as I walk a la Louboutins (where I’m a size 4!).  It is not unique only to one style, but all styles available at Nordstrom’s site (the Ron White site, of course, has more selection).  This was something that I brought to the attention of people at Ron White via email.  After all, they should be selling the full range on their website at least (I can understand not having 4 and 4.5 in the boutique).  I’m hoping that questions would be answered.  I’m a supporter of Canadian designers and brands, but only if I can wear them myself.

Nordstrom Site:

Ron White Site:

What do you think of this situation?  Shouldn’t Ron White at least offer the smallest sizes online only?

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