We’re More Likely To Buy From Those Who Reflect Us: Ben Barry

Toronto based model agent, Ben Barry is featured in this video discussing how models that are similar-sized/look like the consumer would more likely attract said consumer. Well, DUH! We want to see what something looks like on us. One reason why I, as a petite woman, prefer celebrities over models. While most celebrities have amazing tailors and/or have the connections to have something made especially for them, I can at least PRETEND that an outfit that Eva Longoria or Reese Witherspoon is wearing would look good on me, since they’re around the same height as me. Honestly, is this really news? All we need to do next is to see more height diversity on the runway. It seems that a select few designers have gotten the message about dress size, why not height? I don’t want to get into ethnicity since it doesn’t do much to motivate me to buy or not to to buy when it comes to clothes (really, why would a 6′ tall Asian model convince me more than a 5′ black model?). Cosmetics, MAYBE.

Note: I’ve spoken with Ben before.  He “acknowledged” the height issue at that time, but like most body image activists, dress size seems to be the focus.  I can sort of understand why, but at the same time, as I’ve said over and over again, dismissing the issue just means that it doesn’t matter.  And it should.

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