Massimo Dutti Not Exactly Petite Friendly

Those of you who read DelectablyChic! would know about Massimo Dutti’s first North American store, which opened at the Toronto Eaton Centre last week.  As I noted on the post, sizing is just a tad bit…generous, with the smallest size being a 4 (a bit smaller than a Zara 4, but bigger than its 2).  I tried on a couple of pieces at my visit, including a red print dress.  This is what the dress looked like on me:

This is what the dress is SUPPOSED to look like if everything fit properly:

As a shorter and smaller-framed person, the dress shouldn’t have been THAT much bigger. Alterations would involve more than just a little bit of a nip-tuck.  In fact, I think the dress is at least half a size too big.  If the dress had a smaller size, it would fit as above, with, of course, a longer length.  What bugs me about this is that Massimo Dutti is a European brand.  I have never really had trouble with European sizing because they tend to be more fitted.  Why doesn’t Massimo Dutti offer a size 2 like its sister store, Zara?  Or does it have a 2, but it isn’t offered in English speaking countries as they assume we’re all bigger?  I was excited about the store’s opening, but if all I can wear are sweaters that look fine a little lose, then I’m not so sure.

Second image via the Massimo Dutti website


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Cynthia Cheng Mintz, founder of Shorty Stories, also runs the online-only lifestyle magazine, DelectablyChic!

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  • Good review. Very honest.

    • Thanks. And I hope that some day people would actually address this issue. Being sized out on the small end just as unpleasant as being bigger.

  • Ah, disappointing indeed!

  • Good review. The only good thing is that the dress could be altered to fit right but that might be significant money to make it cling right.

    A Preponderance of Fashion

  • loco

    they do have size 2 but it may not be offered in north america

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