We’re More Likely To Buy From Those Who Reflect Us: Ben Barry

Share Toronto based model agent, Ben Barry is featured in this video discussing how models that are similar-sized/look like the consumer would more likely attract said consumer. Well, DUH! We want to see what something looks like on us. One reason why I, as a petite woman, prefer celebrities over models. While most celebrities have […]

The Petite Community Needs its own Ben Barry

ShareCanadian model agent, Ben Barry, is known for promoting a more diverse body image in the fashion industry.  He travels around the world discussing this very topic and has been seen on a variety of different networks and shows, including CNN and Oprah.  While his website says he promotes models of “all sizes” it could […]

Different Body Types Look Good in Different Things

Share Snippet of some of the tweets referred to below Can’t people just accept that?  Over on Twitter, I am having a debate w/ someone about clothing sizes.  There was a tweet about Marc Jacobs not making larger sizes because people don’t want to buy them (apparently they want to make plus sizes).  I said […]

Fashion/Media Challenge Follow-up

ShareThree years ago, I posted a video challenging the fashion industry to use more non-traditional models and to profile non-traditional designers (i.e. plus, petite, petite-plus). Here is the new, follow-up vid: Don’t you think that it’s sad so little has been done? Original post in previous post.

Alternative Modelling and Petites

SharePetites, of course, are supposed to fall into this category, but for some reason, we aren’t included in the Facebook Event celebrating alternative models (Alternative Model Week is in August. More information will be posted here and in Prospere Magazine closer to the date). I’ve even posted a note on the wall, but the admins […]