Trying to Get into More Glitzy Stuff

ShareDespite having graduated from high school almost 14 years ago, I still have a resistance to wear lots of jewellery.  My high school was pretty strict about what we could and couldn’t wear while in uniform.  No “shower curtain earrings” (i.e. what the headmistress at my school called big hoop earrings, still popular when I […]

Tutorial: Moving from Blogger to WordPress (self-hosted) – UPDATED

ShareAfter some four and a half years on Blogger, I’ve finally made the move here to WordPress.  I’ve been using WordPress for Prospere Magazine/DelectablyChic! for several years, but kept Shorty Stories on Blogger because I thought moving would be very tedious.  It is not.  In fact, it’s very easy.  You don’t even have to back […]

Partial Shopping Ban and More Frequent Outfit Posts

ShareI am on a partial shopping ban for the next few weeks.  This means I can’t buy clothes or accessories until June 30.  I am allowing myself to buy one item to give away to the 500th Facebook “liker” for DelectablyChic! (info about that coming soon) and make-up. While on the shopping ban, I’m also […]

From DelectablyChic! – The Ideal Work Wardrobe (Women)

ShareSo with UBS recently publishing what they consider an appropriate work wardrobe being one of the most trending topics last week (and apparently, people are *STILL* talking about it), I’ve decided to post one of my own as well. To prevent readers from getting bored, I will try to keep it very brief, not 40-something […]