April Poll Results on Body Image Activists and Petites (and Giveaway Recepient)

ShareLast month, we asked our readers: Do you think anti-size zero activists understand that zero can be a “real” size for petites?  The results were definitely not surprising: While 31% of you believed that body image activists only had issues with tall, size zero models, 23% of you believed that they don’t quite understand the […]

A Short, Slim Girl’s View on Body Image

Share NOTE: This post is for Body Image Warrior Week, which I am participating in.  Many of the points in this post have been written about before on this site, so regular readers, please bear with me :). As a short, slim woman, sometimes I feel like I’m not considered “real.”  I’ve freaked a lot […]

Think You’re ‘Fat’? Check Out This ‘Ideal’ Size Chart from Korea

ShareIf you think “standards” in North America are too thin, you’d be in for a shock when if you compare yourself to this chart (note: everything is in metric, in increments of 2 cm and height is roughly 5′ to 5’7″) from Korea, which I discovered while reading a post from Bread, Butter and Champagne. […]

June Poll Results on Petites and Body Image Campaigns

ShareREMINDER: Don’t forget about our Scarf Giveaway!!! Last month, Shorty Stories asked: Why do you think petites are excluded from body image campaigns? 13% said:  Many celebs are petite, so it isn’t a real “issue” 24% said: Because most activists aren’t aware of petite issues 20% said: It’s not activsts who aren’t aware, but petites […]