Trina Turk for Banana Republic Swirl Dress

ShareSorry for taking so long to post this! I’ve been crazy-busy wrapping up the DelectablyChic! Social (which was pretty  good, by the way) and just didn’t have time to take pictures.  The dress is so light weight and summer-ready and I’ve worn it out a couple of times already, including to a Father’s Day dinner […]

Poll Results on Maxi Dresses and Skirts on Petites: Yay or Nay?

ShareLast month, we asked you whether you thought that maxi skirts and dresses worked well on us petites.  We were a little bit surprised about the results – didn’t think that there’d be an even split between a “definite yay” and NO (both at 32%).  My question to those who think long, period is bad […]

Marni at H&M: The Actual Loot!

ShareThough the pieces were slightly too big (make that at least one size bigger than “normal” at H&M), I managed to make them work…well, as best as I could, anyway.  The first piece, one of the double sided dresses, something I was debating over – whether to get the top or the dress (which I […]

Cynthia’s Banana Republic Mad Men Collection Loot!

I walked into the Yorkdale store expecting disappointment, that it was going to be like last time, where there were NO PETITES AVAILABLE.  Turned out I was wrong.  Sort of.  As noted in the earlier post, there were only three dresses – two dresses inspired by Joan and one by Betty – on the racks. … [Continue Reading]

Wear Bohomian Looks for Spring from RW&Co. NOW!

Boho is always cool for spring and RW&Co.’s latest pieces are no different.  These items, with their whimsical looks are great for a casual afternoon, whether you’re going to the movies, shopping or just having lunch with friends.  Some favourite pieces in the collection include: Cranberry Floral Dress & Black Floral Dress:     While… [Continue Reading]

When Models are Too Tall for a Dress

Share   These pictures are from the Amanda Lew Kee show at LG Fashion Week in Toronto.   Several pieces in Amanda’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection feature dresses in this length, which would work better on shorter women than the 5’11″ish models.  I know they say that clothes “hang better” on tall people, but this is, […]

J.Crew has petite skirtsi n February

ShareI know I’m a little late into this, but I’ve found a decent selection of petites at J.Crew this month. They include: Petite meringue-sleeve top Petite Super 120s Jayne dress (I like the tea rose colour) There are also several styles of skirts and capris in petite sizes. It seems that J.Crew makes a lot […]