June Poll Results: Most Like Seeing a Mix of Models and Celebrities in Magazines

ShareFirst of all, apologies for the delay in posting the June results as well as the July poll – being out of town and then immediately having out-of-town guests is a lot of work!  Last month, we asked readers whether they preferred seeing models or celebrities in magazines. We were not exactly too surprised with […]

Petite Models Should Be Petite: December Poll

ShareLast month, we asked readers: “What should be the maximum height for a PETITE MODEL modelling for a PETITE LINE?” I was not surprised that an overwhelming number of you – 73.4% – said that petite models should actually be petite (5’4″ or below).  Some allowed a one inch leeway (after all, regular runway models […]

Diet Coke’s Stay Extraordinary Gala: What I Wore

ShareDiet Coke’s TIFF party, the Stay Extraordinary Gala, was Monday night and boy was fun.  The dress code was “dress to impress” so the first thing I thought was to wear the Herve Leger dress I recent bought.  Anyway, I bought the dress at a wonderful store called Très Chic Styling in Montreal – they […]