Gap 1969 Skinny Cord Leggings in Aubergine – Thanks ShortieK!

ShareI have been looking for these pants since I saw them on Jean’s September 30 post.  And they were sold out even then – I went to five stores in Toronto and even searched in Manhattan when I was down there for Canadian Thanksgiving.  I probably went to seven or eight stores in total.  The […]

Video: Gap Suggests You Freeze Your Jeans

ShareI saw a link to this video on Yahoo! (yeah, I still go there) this morning… What do you think?  Have you ever frozen your jeans? I’ve personally never tried this, but it IS an interesting method…

Size 0 Ankle at the GAP doesn’t exist, does it?-More skinny shorty issues

ShareI know. I complain about pant lengths a lot. And my legs aren’t even all that short, especially for someone my height. But there’s something I really don’t get about GAP pants. Why don’t ankle length pants exist below size 2? I do realize that they make sizes 0 and 1 (and sometimes even 2–actually, […]