April Poll Results on Body Image Activists and Petites (and Giveaway Recepient)

ShareLast month, we asked our readers: Do you think anti-size zero activists understand that zero can be a “real” size for petites?  The results were definitely not surprising: While 31% of you believed that body image activists only had issues with tall, size zero models, 23% of you believed that they don’t quite understand the […]

Short Women: Longer Lives?

ShareApparently so, according to a ScienceDaily article from March 8. The study looked at 450 women between 95 and 110 (all of Ashkenazi Jewish descent as they are a more homogeneous group, ethnically speaking – makes “longevity genes” easier to spot.) and found that The present study focused on genes involved in the action of […]

Short legs….what exactly does that mean, anyway?

ShareRecently on Jezebel.com, a (mostly) gossip blog, there was a post about short legs. According to the link, which was a Reuters article found on the MSNBC site, it said that women with shorter legs are more prone to liver disease. While Reuters said nothing about height, I’m reminded right away that many people equate […]

Advantages to being short

ShareWho knew that there were advantages? According to the summary of the book, Human Body Size and the Laws of Scaling: Physiological, Performance, Growth, Longevity and Ecological Ramifications, shorter people are at a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, have a better ability to rotate the body faster (hey, most gymnasts aren’t that tall!) and lower […]

The very short have poorer health?

ShareAccording to a This is London article dated October 18 of this year and one from the Telegraph.co.uk (also October 18), men under 5’4″ and women under 5′ report poorer mental and physical health than those of “average height.” (I guess average height in this case include women between 5′ even and 5’4″ and men […]

Petites and eating disorders

ShareHave there ever been studies done specifically on shorter women and eating disorders and what size they aspire to be? Most of the anti-size zero talk these days seem to focus on average height or taller women trying to look like models by whittling themselves down to a zero. Since models are, for the most […]