Happy 2012 Everyone! Looking Forward to an Exciting Year!

ShareThis year, Shorty Stories celebrates its fifth anniversary as a blog (the site launched a year before as a non-blog site, but I now consider 2006 my “beta year”).  We have come far as a blog over the past five years, writing about many petite issues beyond the typical outfit posts, and covered quite a […]

Petites at LG Fashion Week, Day 5

ShareIt’s just been too crazy for me this past week  (I went straight to Operanation from Fashion Week after the Judith & Charles installment) and I spent most of Saturday and Sunday relaxing and catching up on my sleep (and not to mention, writing and editing pictures for the Likes and Dislikes post)  I’m FINALLY […]

New ‘Shorty Story’: Trang’s Advice to Petites

ShareReading over some of the older petite stories here, I can see myself in most of them.  I remember being so frustrated over, take your pick: not finding clothes that fit, not being taken seriously, being carded for alcohol, etc etc.  Probably the most embarrassing thing about my being petite is that many of my […]

We’re Looking for YOUR Shorty Stories!

Share When we launched over five years ago, the site wasn’t just about outfit posts (actually, there were NO outfit posts at that time) or height issues from a fashion or social perspective, but also stories of people’s own experiences (thus our name, Shorty Stories).  Now that we’ve pretty much settled down with our new […]

A Response to Candice Huffine’s Interview re: Vogue ITALIA cover

ShareFord Models’ YouTube channel posted an interview with Candice Huffine, one of the three cover girls on the June issue of Vogue ITALIA. This cover has been much talked about online, both positively and negatively. Some say these girls are “too fat” (nope) while others say that they didn’t look “plus enough” (again, no). There […]

May Poll Results: Do People Think You’re Younger than You Are?

Share Results were NOT surprising: 51% said that they were mistaken to be younger ALL THE TIME 24% said that they were, but not as often as in the past 13% said only if they were dressed a certain way 5% said they looked their age, despite being petite 5% chose other What do you […]

Media Just Don’t Care About Us…

Share (the video is the short form of the following post) Seriously, even supermodel Coco Rocha thinks I’m an idiot for wanting to increase petite awareness!!!   I recently posted something on her official Facebook page asking her about body image issues and height and her reply was this: That’s not really related to my issue. […]

Height, Power, Politics and the Office

ShareMost CEOs are tall men. We know that. Stats show that. But little is acknowledged when it comes to women. Take a look at your office. Out of all the women in senior management positions, how many are petite? Or even on the shorter side of average? This is especially the case in jobs that […]

Height discrimination vs weight discrimination

ShareRecently on a Jezebel post about size issues, I was seriously criticized for bringing up height. Posters whom I’ve assumed are plus-sized kept on telling me that height discrimination isn’t as bad as weight discrimination, because people don’t think slimmer petites are “disgusting.” Sure, most people don’t think short people are “gross,” but many think […]

Short and Male – A video about heightism in China

Share We all know that it’s worse for guys, but try being a guy in China. Guys under 5’5″ are considered “disabled” by some (according to the video, anyway)! However, I noticed that there’s nothing about women there, but I know that women have height issues there too. Of course, the height requirements are probably […]