A Short, Slim Girl’s View on Body Image

Share NOTE: This post is for Body Image Warrior Week, which I am participating in.  Many of the points in this post have been written about before on this site, so regular readers, please bear with me :). As a short, slim woman, sometimes I feel like I’m not considered “real.”  I’ve freaked a lot […]

VAWK Model Call Asks for ‘Diversity’ But Not in Height

ShareProject Runway Canada winner Sunny Fong is known for using a wider range of sizes for his line, VAWK, but once again, he is ignoring the shorter woman in his casting call for his upcoming Toronto Fashion Week show. While the call does allow for non-runway height women (5’6″ and above, without heels), I cannot […]

Beauty of a Woman or How I Came To Accept My Petiteness

ShareI’m shorter than my mother.  This is a rarity, especially for first generation Canadians with immigrant parents.  You’re pretty much expected to be taller than your mom.  When I was a little girl, I expected to be around 5’6″ or 5’7″ – one to two inches TALLER than mom.  Never happened.  I reached my current […]

Petite Models Should Be Petite: December Poll

ShareLast month, we asked readers: “What should be the maximum height for a PETITE MODEL modelling for a PETITE LINE?” I was not surprised that an overwhelming number of you – 73.4% – said that petite models should actually be petite (5’4″ or below).  Some allowed a one inch leeway (after all, regular runway models […]

November 2011 Poll Results: Most Would Get Custom if Affordable

ShareLast month, we asked our readers whether they’d ever contact a designer to get something custom made.  Results were not too surprising.  Almost everyone, at almost 92%, said that they would if it were affordable, while only 8% said that they wouldn’t, only because they didn’t have model’s body type (i.e. tall and very skinny).  […]

Allison Izu’s New Collection Available 11/21!

ShareAfter a season’s break, new pieces from Allison Izu‘s petite-focused denim line will launch at her online store on November 21.  The new collection consists of six pieces, including skinnies, boot cut jeans as well as a pair of 1980s-inspired ripped jeans and sell between $138-142 US.  Shipping is free for all US orders over […]

Petite Size Promotion Must Come from All

ShareLast month, Shorty Stories asked readers this question:  Do you think companies do enough to promote their petite sizes?  Results are in, and we are not too surprised. Out of all of those who were asked, over half, at 58% believed that companies weren’t doing enough – they might put information on their websites, but […]

Petites at LG Fashion Week, Day 4

ShareFirst, I’d like to apologize for the lack of “what I wore to LG Fashion Week” posts.  It’s been so busy, both covering shows and going around taking our Petites at LG pictures!  I’m going to put together a post for Days 2, 3, 4 and 5 this weekend.  Meanwhile, here are some Petites at […]

Petites at LG Fashion Week: Day 3

ShareAnother busy day at LG Fashion Week, Wednesday.  I went to five shows yesterday, including LABEL, Pink Tartan and Joe Fresh.  I saw quite a few dresses (especially at LABEL) that looked extremely short on the models.  If the pieces stay that length in final production, then yes, they would indeed be very petite-friendly!  For […]

Petites at LG Fashion Week, Day 2

ShareTuesday was a busy day, with a long line-up of shows.  Some designers were petite-friendly, while others were not so much.  I’ve actually contacted a few to see if they do custom – I think the ability to fit ME is a true test to see whether they truly know how to fit different body […]