Petite Posts in Prospere Magazine

ShareSorry for the lack of posts in the past few days. I’ve been really busy with Prospere Magazine! Anyway, just to let you know that we’ve had a few petite-related posts over there, including one on the new cycle of America’s Next Top Model and a profile of petite model, Isobella Jade. Check them out!

America’s Next Top Model – PETITE CYCLE

Share….premiere’s THIS WEDNESDAY! Petite model, Isobella Jade will be discussing each episode on her website. Look for discussions here too!

Petite Model Isobella Jade’s Book Now Out

ShareAlmost 5’4″, a novel written by petite model, Isobella Jade, has now been published. The book is available for sale at stores such as Barnes and Nobel as well as online.

Petite Model, Isobella Jade’s Article Continues This Month on Prospere Magazine

ShareFrom Prospere Magazine: This is a continuation of Isobella Jade’s article from the February issue on self-marketing and self-promotion. In the first part, Isobella Jade discussed the use of online social networking sites and blogs as they are almost always free. Isobella Jade’s blogs are through blogger, she has Facebook and MySpace accounts and her […]

Petite Model Isobella Jade Talks About Self-Promotion…

ShareFrom the new issue of Prospere Magazine: Since I self-published my book I have gotten press on it one way or another in the New York Post, The New York Times (business section), Page Six, Media Bistro, New York Metro, computer magazines, fashion magazines in Italy and Sweden, Fashion Television and I recently spoke on […]

In the next issue of Prospere Magazine…

ShareHey Shorty Stories Readers: The second issue of Prospere Magazine will be posted on Tuesday, February 12, 2008 around 8 am Eastern Time. What does the issue have to do with petites? This issue will feature an article written by petite model Isobella Jade! Also, the current weekly Prospere Magazine question, which asks you what […]