Winter Coats from Canada Goose: Webitor’s Picks

Canada Goose held an event at the Spoke Club on Tuesday featuring a selection of their coats for Winter 2011/2012. A typical cocktail event, it featured not only a display of the collection, but also drinks, appetizers and of course, mingling and networking.  When one normally thinks of Canada Goose, they think parkas.  They think… [Continue Reading]

Buying Childrenswear

ShareBesides a pair of tennis shoes, I haven’t bought anything from the kids’ department since I was 20.  While I realize it’s cheaper and I might find things more in my size (I think I can technically wear a kids’ 10), I just don’t feel COMFORTABLE there.  And if I wear anything that remotely LOOKS like […]

Would Smaller-Framed Lingerie Be Controversial Too?

ShareThe recent Lane Bryant ad controversy, where ABC and Fox either pulled the spot or demanded editing, caused uproar all over the Internet. Some said that it was unfair to allow skinny women prance around in lingerie, while a very attractive (but not size 2) woman is considered “too hot for TV.” So this brings […]

Being mistaken for a child

ShareMany petite women are mistaken for being younger than they are, but have you ever been mistaken for someone much, much younger? Over at the Petite Power Livejournal group, a poster wrote about getting a kids’ menu at a restaurant. Or, maybe a server or bouncer asks to see your ID at a club, and […]