Hot Pink Pumps From the Odd Slipper!

ShareWhen I found out about Sindy Sagastume’s  The Odd Slipper, a company that specializes in shoes for small feet (starts at size 3, ladies!), I knew I wanted to try it out. Being a size 4 1/2 or size 5, I have a hard time finding shoes at regular stores.  In fact, it’s become a […]

Giordano’s Closing

ShareJust heard about this from Alterations Needed. A loss for us ladies with small feet.

Size 5s disappearing!

ShareI first read about it at Alterations Needed, another petite blog. While I understand that there aren’t many women who wear a 5, and that it’s a “waste of money” for companies to keep making them, my question to these companies is this: What are size 5 women supposed to wear? I’m sorry, but you […]