Luxury Petite Fashion Has Arrived: Introducing The 16th Bar

Share Finally, a luxury line has arrived for petite women 5’5″ and below. The 16th Bar, led by 4’11” designer Frankie Ortiz, presented its debut collection in Los Angeles late last year. Currently only available online, but with plans to open brick and mortar stores, the collection consists of skirts, dresses and jackets and features […]

Jeanne Beker’s EDIT Looking for Petite Model!!

Share If you’re 18 or older, a legal resident of Canada and 5’4″ or shorter, you have a chance to enter to take part in a photo shoot next month in Montreal for EDIT’s Spring/Summer 2013 campaign.  There will be an all expenses paid round trip flight and hotel stay, plus a “gourmet dining experience.  […]

UK’s Ted Baker uses Petite Models? – UPDATE: The Model is 5’10”

ShareUPDATE: Looks like it’s a typo.  I just got a note from the people at Ted Baker who said that the model is actually 5’10”.  Too bad.  It would have been nice to see a non-celebrity petite model! Diverse body types should encompass EVERY SIZE, including height, not just curvier women! This is the first […]

Petite Models Should Be Petite: December Poll

ShareLast month, we asked readers: “What should be the maximum height for a PETITE MODEL modelling for a PETITE LINE?” I was not surprised that an overwhelming number of you – 73.4% – said that petite models should actually be petite (5’4″ or below).  Some allowed a one inch leeway (after all, regular runway models […]

From Bella Petite: The Petite Takeover!

ShareBella Petite is just like any other fashion magazine, but with ONE TWIST: Models are all PETITE!!

Henrietta Pertuz: Petite and Classically Fashionable

ShareLike most petite women, Henrietta Pertuz has had a great deal of difficulty finding clothing which fit her 5’2″ figure. Regular clothing was just not cut properly, and alterations were not always possible without paying a great deal for reconstruction. Getting tired of the difficulty, she left her job as an advertising executive to launch […]

Fashion industry and size

Share A recent New York Times article mentioned the fact that model Coco Rocha is being booked less this season because she is now a size four and considered “too fat” by industry standards. WTF!!!! Really, it’s up to the designers to make changes. We can complain all we want, but there won’t be any […]

Petite Bollywood Actress Rocks the Runway in Archana Kockhar

Share According to Bella Petite, Bollywood actress, Minnisha Lamba is only 5’1″. Though Minnisha rocks the dress (designed by Archana Kochar, who is 5 feet even), would she be modelling if she weren’t an actress?

From Alterations Needed: Industry Standard Model Looking Ridiculous

ShareI thought I’d like to draw your attention to THIS POST from Alterations Needed. Basically, what she is saying is that the model looks like an idiot because the pants are too short (they aren’t supposed to be cropped/ankle pants – they’re a PETITE LENGTH!) It’s really a WTF situation here, don’t you think? By […]

ANTM Survey – Cycle 13 Results

Share Last month, we asked you what you thought of America’s Next Top Model’s current petite cycle. Most of you, at 59%, thought that the contestants weren’t that short, since the average height seemed to be 14% aren’t fans of the show, 2% don’t know about the show and another 2% chose other. What do […]