March 2012 Poll Results: Petite Sizing Ownership and You

ShareLast month’s question asked you what percentage of your closet is made up of petite sizes.  I was NOT surprised to find out that for many of you, it occupies a good chunk of your wardrobe.  33% of you said that petite sizing occupied 80% or more of your wardrobe (I guess this means there’s […]

Cynthia’s Banana Republic Mad Men Collection Loot!

I walked into the Yorkdale store expecting disappointment, that it was going to be like last time, where there were NO PETITES AVAILABLE.  Turned out I was wrong.  Sort of.  As noted in the earlier post, there were only three dresses – two dresses inspired by Joan and one by Betty – on the racks. … [Continue Reading]

Mad Men Banana Republic Collection: Petites Available This Time!

Share The number one complaint for the last Mad Men Banana Republic Collection collaboration that launched in August 2011 was the lack of petite sizing.  This time, however, is a different story.  The collection, which has fewer pieces this time (and no shoes), includes petites in pretty much every item (except the cardigan – the […]

Allison Izu’s New Collection Available 11/21!

ShareAfter a season’s break, new pieces from Allison Izu‘s petite-focused denim line will launch at her online store on November 21.  The new collection consists of six pieces, including skinnies, boot cut jeans as well as a pair of 1980s-inspired ripped jeans and sell between $138-142 US.  Shipping is free for all US orders over […]

Petite Size Promotion Must Come from All

ShareLast month, Shorty Stories asked readers this question:  Do you think companies do enough to promote their petite sizes?  Results are in, and we are not too surprised. Out of all of those who were asked, over half, at 58% believed that companies weren’t doing enough – they might put information on their websites, but […]

Dear Globe and Mail: ‘Tiny’ Isn’t Just a Small Size!

ShareThe Globe and Mail published an article called “Why being called ‘tiny’ isn’t all it’s sized up to be” today.  While yes, I agree that it’s not the greatest thing, I also think the writer, Katrina Onstad, like many others, doesn’t understand the term “petite.”  She mentions the petite section, but it seems that she […]

INC International Concepts Ruched Colour Block Dress

ShareI (almost) never shop the petite section in a department store.  It’s for the most part “old lady” clothes or sizes that are too big for the smallest frames.  After The Bay re-launched its e-commerce site, I decided to check out what it had to offer.  As I mentioned in my earlier post, I really […]

Trench Skirt from Anthropologie: Mustard or Navy?

ShareTried the skirt in both mustard and navy blue, but I’m unsure which one looks better.  I’m personally feeling the navy (or was when I tried it on), but the sales associates at the store seem to prefer mustard.  What do you think?   Navy: Mustard: Both shades are also available in petite sizes online.

Quoted in the Globe and Mail Today (Tuesday)!

ShareLast Friday, I was contacted by the Globe and Mail via my other site, DelectablyChic!, about price increases when international stores open in Canada (this was after all that kerfuffle about J.Crew double charging duty that was in the media).  After receiving an email, I called the paper right away to discuss what I thought […]

New Canadian Pricing at J.Crew Still Means $$$$$ for Canadian Petites

ShareSure, shipping is now a flat $9.95 US, but prices are listed to match the store at Yorkdale.  On top of that, you’re still charged duty plus taxes. This means that if you want to order anything that is an online-exclusive (basically all petite sizes and guys’ clothing for the time being), you’re going to have […]