Shorty Stories meets The Man Repeller

ShareLeandra Medine of The Man Repeller made a personal appearance at Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street yesterday to celebrate the launch of the Holt Renfrew blog.  Attendees all had a chance to pose for pictures with her….her height, combined with her extra-high heels made me look like a hobbit! More pictures over at DelectablyChic!  Gotta […]

Petites at LG Fashion Week: Day 3

ShareAnother busy day at LG Fashion Week, Wednesday.  I went to five shows yesterday, including LABEL, Pink Tartan and Joe Fresh.  I saw quite a few dresses (especially at LABEL) that looked extremely short on the models.  If the pieces stay that length in final production, then yes, they would indeed be very petite-friendly!  For […]

Petites at LG Fashion Week, Day 2

ShareTuesday was a busy day, with a long line-up of shows.  Some designers were petite-friendly, while others were not so much.  I’ve actually contacted a few to see if they do custom – I think the ability to fit ME is a true test to see whether they truly know how to fit different body […]

Dear Globe and Mail: ‘Tiny’ Isn’t Just a Small Size!

ShareThe Globe and Mail published an article called “Why being called ‘tiny’ isn’t all it’s sized up to be” today.  While yes, I agree that it’s not the greatest thing, I also think the writer, Katrina Onstad, like many others, doesn’t understand the term “petite.”  She mentions the petite section, but it seems that she […]

Petite Jeans Still Too Long: September Poll

Share Last month, we asked readers: Do you find petite jeans too long?  We were definitely not surprised by the results.  Most of you, at about 62.2% felt that a 31″ inseam was still too long for petites.  We were, however, surprised to learn that a good number of you – 15.6% weren’t aware that […]

New ‘Shorty Story’: Trang’s Advice to Petites

ShareReading over some of the older petite stories here, I can see myself in most of them.  I remember being so frustrated over, take your pick: not finding clothes that fit, not being taken seriously, being carded for alcohol, etc etc.  Probably the most embarrassing thing about my being petite is that many of my […]

Tennessee Designer Relaunches Petite-Only Fashion Line

Share When Vogue Italia put three larger-than-normal models on its recent cover, both major media and bloggers were all over it (including this site), discussing whether Vogue did the right thing. Many complained about the fact that the models were wearing lingerie and not, say, evening gowns or casual wear. Many times, the excuse is […]

Help Me Style This Dress!

ShareThis is one of my favourite summer dresses.  From Banana Republic circa 2004, it was one of the first petite items I bought.  I’ve always worn it with sandals or heels and perhaps a cardigan in case the AC gets a little chilly.  Because I’ve had the dress so long, I’m looking to make it […]

Interview with Kim Dahlman

Share As a “petite specialist,” Kim Dahlman, 5’3″, has hosted a variety of fashion events for retail clients such as Macy’s and Dillard’s. Encouraged by the numerous comments from petite women all over the United States, she decided to publish The Petite Handbook, a style guide on dressing the petite women a couple of years […]

Would Smaller-Framed Lingerie Be Controversial Too?

ShareThe recent Lane Bryant ad controversy, where ABC and Fox either pulled the spot or demanded editing, caused uproar all over the Internet. Some said that it was unfair to allow skinny women prance around in lingerie, while a very attractive (but not size 2) woman is considered “too hot for TV.” So this brings […]