VAWKing Diversely…Kinda

VAWK showed both the regular line using “standard size” models as well as the debut of VAWKKIN, a “regular” collection that is more for the everyday woman featuring models of different shapes and sizes, include (you may remember my rant about my problem with their model call requiring their “everyday” woman to be at least… [Continue Reading]

Should H&M Have a Petite Line?

ShareI saw a Tweet from @hmusa recently about the fact that the plus department in the US is rebranding from Big & Beautiful to the more appropriate H&M+ name.  Sizes this department will carry will range between 14 and 24.  While I knew that H&M had plus sizes, I can’t help but wonder if they’ll […]

August McLaughlin’s Beauty of a Woman Blogfest: February 9/10, 2012

ShareI found August’s blog recently and came across The Beauty of a Woman Blogfest post.  August is encouraging people to post about what they define as The Beauty of a Woman on February 9, 2012, which can include any of the following: – When do you feel most beautiful? – The most beautiful you’ve ever […]

Dear Globe and Mail: ‘Tiny’ Isn’t Just a Small Size!

ShareThe Globe and Mail published an article called “Why being called ‘tiny’ isn’t all it’s sized up to be” today.  While yes, I agree that it’s not the greatest thing, I also think the writer, Katrina Onstad, like many others, doesn’t understand the term “petite.”  She mentions the petite section, but it seems that she […]