July 2012 Poll Results: What’s Too High?

ShareLast month, we asked readers “how high is too high?” when it comes to heels. Most of you believe that anything higher than 5″ is “too high” at 42.3% while some 26.9% believed that heels should top off at 3-4″.  Then there are those, at 23.1%, who believe that there’s “no such thing as too […]

June Poll Results: Most Like Seeing a Mix of Models and Celebrities in Magazines

ShareFirst of all, apologies for the delay in posting the June results as well as the July poll – being out of town and then immediately having out-of-town guests is a lot of work!  Last month, we asked readers whether they preferred seeing models or celebrities in magazines. We were not exactly too surprised with […]

April Poll Results on Body Image Activists and Petites (and Giveaway Recepient)

ShareLast month, we asked our readers: Do you think anti-size zero activists understand that zero can be a “real” size for petites?  The results were definitely not surprising: While 31% of you believed that body image activists only had issues with tall, size zero models, 23% of you believed that they don’t quite understand the […]

March 2012 Poll Results: Petite Sizing Ownership and You

ShareLast month’s question asked you what percentage of your closet is made up of petite sizes.  I was NOT surprised to find out that for many of you, it occupies a good chunk of your wardrobe.  33% of you said that petite sizing occupied 80% or more of your wardrobe (I guess this means there’s […]

Petite Size Promotion Must Come from All

ShareLast month, Shorty Stories asked readers this question:  Do you think companies do enough to promote their petite sizes?  Results are in, and we are not too surprised. Out of all of those who were asked, over half, at 58% believed that companies weren’t doing enough – they might put information on their websites, but […]

July Poll Results: Wedges are Cute!

ShareLast month, we asked readers whether they thought wedges were cute or ugly and the results were NOT surprising… 66% said that wedges were cute (and more comfortable than pumps) 25% said that they were if they weren’t super-high 8% said they were ugly. 0% chose other   What do you think of these results?  […]

Online Shopping Poll Results

Share Last month, Shorty Stories asked its readers whether they liked shopping online (for clothes). The results are in and… Just over half of the readers (at 51%) shop online because it’s the only way to get clothes which fit petite figures (did you hear that, stores? It’s hard to go to B&M locations to […]

June Poll Results up soon…

SharePoll Results for June’s poll, as well as the new poll for July will go up later this week (probably on Thursday or Friday). Today is July 1st, Canada Day, and Shorty Stories will be taking a break. -Cynthia

Poll: Most people don’t understand the real need of petites

Share Last month’s question was: Do you think people who encourage alterations over petite sizes just don’t understand the real need? 77.4% said: People who say this are usually not petite or don’t care about good fit! It’s about proportion, people! 19.4% said: Sometimes – there ARE regular sized clothes which work well on shorter […]

New Monthly Poll Our Tomorrow

ShareHi everyone! Just to let you know that a new poll and the February poll results will be posted tomorrow some time. Sorry for the delay!