OMG, It’s WAAAY TOO BIG! – Loot from the Lucian Matis Sample Sale

ShareIf you follow Toronto area bloggers, you might have known about the Lucian Matis sample sale this past weekend.  Lucian was a contestant on the first season of Project Runway Canada and came in second.  He is known for innovative, avant-garde runway pieces that resemble art, but also has pieces that are ready-to-wear. Two of […]

Attractiveness, Petite Celebs and Non-Petite Celebs

ShareReaders (guys and girls; straight, gay or bi), I would love to see your views on petite celebs vs. non-petite celebs and their attractiveness. Below is a list of female celebrities (some are petite, some are not). What do you think of them? Are they pretty? Sexy? Beautiful? Glamourous? Elegant? Can a petite celebrity be […]

Cute or Beautiful?

ShareIt really bugs me (and I’m sure many other petite women out there) that shorter women can never be “beautiful” in a classic sort of way. We can be cute (a given), pretty and even sexy/hot (many Maxim girls just aren’t that tall), but “beautiful”? NO WAY! At least not in this century. Sure, many […]