We’re More Likely To Buy From Those Who Reflect Us: Ben Barry

Share Toronto based model agent, Ben Barry is featured in this video discussing how models that are similar-sized/look like the consumer would more likely attract said consumer. Well, DUH! We want to see what something looks like on us. One reason why I, as a petite woman, prefer celebrities over models. While most celebrities have […]

The Petite Community Needs its own Ben Barry

ShareCanadian model agent, Ben Barry, is known for promoting a more diverse body image in the fashion industry.  He travels around the world discussing this very topic and has been seen on a variety of different networks and shows, including CNN and Oprah.  While his website says he promotes models of “all sizes” it could […]

Celebrities in Fashion Magazines: Why the Hate?

Share I really don’t understand when some so-called fashionistas complain about magazines using celebrities instead of models on covers and inside of magazines. They often say that celebrities “aren’t models” and therefore don’t deserve to be in magazines. They believe that putting, say, Eva Longoria, on the cover of Vogue is done only in the […]

Short Body Image and Size Diversity Rant

Share Non-standard size (but not petite in height either) model, Crystal Renn I read another body image related post in a blog I follow, so I felt like I should write a post here about it.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of all those body image activists who claim that […]

More Petite Diversity Needed!

ShareAlmost every petite blog, including mine, is run by “Hollywood sized” women – short and thin – usually size 2 or less.  Where are the non-size 2 or below bloggers?  I know that you are out there, and do blog.  But why don’t you guys join in the petite revolution?  As many bloggers have said, […]