August McLaughlin’s Beauty of a Woman Blogfest: February 9/10, 2012

ShareI found August’s blog recently and came across The Beauty of a Woman Blogfest post.  August is encouraging people to post about what they define as The Beauty of a Woman on February 9, 2012, which can include any of the following: – When do you feel most beautiful? – The most beautiful you’ve ever […]

Happy 2012 Everyone! Looking Forward to an Exciting Year!

ShareThis year, Shorty Stories celebrates its fifth anniversary as a blog (the site launched a year before as a non-blog site, but I now consider 2006 my “beta year”).  We have come far as a blog over the past five years, writing about many petite issues beyond the typical outfit posts, and covered quite a […]

Fitiquette: Virtual Fit Model Gives Users a 360 View of Outfit

ShareMany of us know about the 360 on What not to Wear, used by hosts Stacy and Clinton to show how awful an outfit looks on a makeoveree.  Now you too can get a 360 view of what something looks like on you.  Fitiquette, an online virtual model site has just launched in beta.  This […]

OMG, It’s WAAAY TOO BIG! – Loot from the Lucian Matis Sample Sale

ShareIf you follow Toronto area bloggers, you might have known about the Lucian Matis sample sale this past weekend.  Lucian was a contestant on the first season of Project Runway Canada and came in second.  He is known for innovative, avant-garde runway pieces that resemble art, but also has pieces that are ready-to-wear. Two of […]

Site Lets You See People With Similar Body Types

ShareI first saw this on Refinery29 yesterday and again today on Jezebel.  Basically, My Body Gallery allows you to input your height, weight, body shape and dress size and then find other people who are similarly sized to you.  It’s supposed to improve women’s perceptions of their bodies since they’re able to see people who […]

Shorty Stories Talks About Height on Fashion[Unfold]

ShareSynopsis: I’d like to discuss an issue that is rarely talked about in body image debates – height. Reese Witherspoon, at 5’2″,  is one of many petite celebrities out there!  Many women are short – below 5’4” and they too have body image issues which need to be discussed. Sadly, their issues never really […]

Short Body Image and Size Diversity Rant

Share Non-standard size (but not petite in height either) model, Crystal Renn I read another body image related post in a blog I follow, so I felt like I should write a post here about it.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of all those body image activists who claim that […]

Different Body Types Look Good in Different Things

Share Snippet of some of the tweets referred to below Can’t people just accept that?  Over on Twitter, I am having a debate w/ someone about clothing sizes.  There was a tweet about Marc Jacobs not making larger sizes because people don’t want to buy them (apparently they want to make plus sizes).  I said […]

Banana Republic’s Logan Fit: A BIG FAT NO!

ShareApologies for the really blurry pic… I knew they had a loser fit, but didn’t expect it to be like THAT!  This is a NO BUY if you are really small framed.  The pants I tried on were a 00P and it was DEFINITELY not fit for my frame.  I think I’d need a 000P […]

Does this sweater look big?

Share A sales lady at Banana said that the sweater was a tad bit big on me. You be the judge.