June Poll Results: Most Like Seeing a Mix of Models and Celebrities in Magazines

ShareFirst of all, apologies for the delay in posting the June results as well as the July poll – being out of town and then immediately having out-of-town guests is a lot of work!  Last month, we asked readers whether they preferred seeing models or celebrities in magazines. We were not exactly too surprised with […]

March 2012 Poll Results: Petite Sizing Ownership and You

ShareLast month’s question asked you what percentage of your closet is made up of petite sizes.  I was NOT surprised to find out that for many of you, it occupies a good chunk of your wardrobe.  33% of you said that petite sizing occupied 80% or more of your wardrobe (I guess this means there’s […]

Fitiquette: Virtual Fit Model Gives Users a 360 View of Outfit

ShareMany of us know about the 360 on What not to Wear, used by hosts Stacy and Clinton to show how awful an outfit looks on a makeoveree.  Now you too can get a 360 view of what something looks like on you.  Fitiquette, an online virtual model site has just launched in beta.  This […]

OMG, It’s WAAAY TOO BIG! – Loot from the Lucian Matis Sample Sale

ShareIf you follow Toronto area bloggers, you might have known about the Lucian Matis sample sale this past weekend.  Lucian was a contestant on the first season of Project Runway Canada and came in second.  He is known for innovative, avant-garde runway pieces that resemble art, but also has pieces that are ready-to-wear. Two of […]

Courtney & Laura Wells, Sisters And Straight & Plus-Size Models, Show Off Fall Trends (PHOTOS)

ShareThis is a great thing – I really like seeing more variety in sizes. However, there’s still very little talk about height (and yes, I will bring it up until larger publications talk more about it). Also, what’s very interesting is that not only is the plus size model not very plus, she’s also not […]

Clothes: Most Buy Off the Rack

Share Last month, Shorty Stories asked whether you get clothes customly made for you. Over half of you, at 59%, said that you didn’t, but purchased off the rack. 31% of you said that you did get things customly made, and they look better than anything store-bought. 9% of you buy patterns and make your […]

A Challenge For the Fashion (Media) Industry

Share Not that they’re really going to listen or even attempt this, but it’s worth a try! 🙂 I’ll definitely update you on this project if I ever hear back from anyone. And in other news: July Shorty Survey will be up until the end of the month.