Poll Results on Maxi Dresses and Skirts on Petites: Yay or Nay?

ShareLast month, we asked you whether you thought that maxi skirts and dresses worked well on us petites.  We were a little bit surprised about the results – didn’t think that there’d be an even split between a “definite yay” and NO (both at 32%).  My question to those who think long, period is bad […]

Vintage Chanel Skirt from Peacock Parade

SharePeacock Parade is Canada’s latest flash sale site.  Though it mostly features modern designers, especially those from Canada, they also do vintage.  They recently held a Chanel suits and separates event and I purchased one of the skirts, which you can read about at DelectablyChic!.  The skirt I purchased was a size 38 (the only […]

Vintage J.Crew (Circa 1996): Size 2

ShareWhen I was 16 years old, I went to Chicago and purchased a gorgeous J.Crew skirt (above), which was, at the time, a bit too small for me (but the size up was too big – the salesperson recommended this size. Don’t know why). Believe it or not, it was a size 2, the smallest […]

Wedge Ankle Booties: Would They Work With Skirts?

ShareI’m seriously considering wedges like these Michael Michael Kors booties, but I’m not sure if they’re going to work with skirts.  What do you think?     Or should I stick with booties with regular heels?

Trench Skirt from Anthropologie: Mustard or Navy?

ShareTried the skirt in both mustard and navy blue, but I’m unsure which one looks better.  I’m personally feeling the navy (or was when I tried it on), but the sales associates at the store seem to prefer mustard.  What do you think?   Navy: Mustard: Both shades are also available in petite sizes online.

Anthropologie’s Mendoza Codex Skirt

ShareThe Mendoza Codex Skirt I ordered from Anthropologie came in last week and I finally got around taking picutres of me in it.  This is the first non-pencil skirt I bought in a long time (as I said in an earlier post, I don’t think I’m going to get any more…anyway…)  I fell in love with it […]

Tired of Pencil Skirts!

Share Preen Line Jenny Stretch Cotton Skirt Who is sick and tired of the pencil skirt?  They’ve been “in” for the past couple of years and many petite women look great in them, yes, but there are just so many around!  I really want to see a return of the A-line.  They’re just as lovely, […]

February Poll Results!

Share Last month, we asked you what type of petite clothes you buy most often: 37% said that you mostly buy pants/bottoms 7% buy tops 10% buy dresses 33% buy EVERYTHING in petites! 13% of you don’t purchase petites (I’m assuming you’re of average height or taller??) 0% chose other

J.Crew has petite skirtsi n February

ShareI know I’m a little late into this, but I’ve found a decent selection of petites at J.Crew this month. They include: Petite meringue-sleeve top Petite Super 120s Jayne dress (I like the tea rose colour) There are also several styles of skirts and capris in petite sizes. It seems that J.Crew makes a lot […]