PFC 10: Summer to Fall, TIFF Media Style

ShareSeptember is a weird time.  For most of the month, it’s still technically summer, but for a lot of people, it’s “fall” – fall, after all, begins with the end of Labour Day/beginning of the school year.  For many of us here in Toronto, September also marks the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the event […]

Petite Fashion Challenge #9: Dressing for a Heat Wave

ShareThis is my first Petite Fashion Challenge posting on WordPress (yay!).  This month’s challenge, hosted by Elle of Fast Food & Fast Fashion, is called “Heat Wave Appropriate” – creating an outfit that would work both outside in the heat and inside to deal with the blasting AC .  This is a very timely PFC, […]

Webitor’s Picks: Coach’s Chelsea Collection and the Small Leather Bag

Coach‘s transitional/fall collection is slowly making its appearance in the boutiques and online, despite the very hot weather outside.  I recently received an email from them introducing me to Chelsea, one of their latest collections.  This was also the featured collection on their website when they launched a few weeks ago. Chelsea has a very… [Continue Reading]

Suggest a New Bag for Me!

Share OK, so I’ve had this Kate Spade bag for seven years – it’s in its last legs and I am looking for something to replace it.  It’s for spring/summer use (I have a black bag for winter, which I’ve had since 2005-2006).  Any suggestions?  I don’t want anything too big – I’m not looking for a tote, so […]