April Poll Results on Body Image Activists and Petites (and Giveaway Recepient)

ShareLast month, we asked our readers: Do you think anti-size zero activists understand that zero can be a “real” size for petites?  The results were definitely not surprising: While 31% of you believed that body image activists only had issues with tall, size zero models, 23% of you believed that they don’t quite understand the […]

Jason Wu for Target in Toronto: My Loot

As mentioned in the other post, shoppers were only allowed to purchase three items at the Jason Wu for Target pop-up on Thursday.  I took in six pieces to try, including dresses (three), a skirt and two tops and ended up buying one dress and two tops.  Two of the dresses I wanted to buy… [Continue Reading]

J.Crew Opening Another Toronto Store

ShareIn case you haven’t caught my post over at DelectablyChic!, J.Crew is opening another Toronto location at the Eaton Centre later this year!  Other stores slated to hit the downtown mall include Express, Pink (opening across from sister store, Victoria’s Secret) and Juicy Couture.   What stores would YOU like to see in Toronto?  What […]

Christian Louboutin and Shoe Vanity Sizing

ShareYeah, I know. I neglected to mention that I’m finally a proud owner of Christian Louboutins!  The Prorata 90 mm pumps were purchased from a Christian Louboutin boutique in Hong Kong at the oh-so-hard-to-find size 34 (the similar-looking New Simple Pump starts at 35). Yes, size 34. Not 34.5 or size 35.  I don’t think […]

Dear Globe and Mail: ‘Tiny’ Isn’t Just a Small Size!

ShareThe Globe and Mail published an article called “Why being called ‘tiny’ isn’t all it’s sized up to be” today.  While yes, I agree that it’s not the greatest thing, I also think the writer, Katrina Onstad, like many others, doesn’t understand the term “petite.”  She mentions the petite section, but it seems that she […]

Vintage J.Crew (Circa 1996): Size 2

ShareWhen I was 16 years old, I went to Chicago and purchased a gorgeous J.Crew skirt (above), which was, at the time, a bit too small for me (but the size up was too big – the salesperson recommended this size. Don’t know why). Believe it or not, it was a size 2, the smallest […]

My Banana Republic Mad Men Cigarette Pants Have Arrived….

Share…and it ISN’T GOOD.  Since the pants don’t come in petite, I had no choice but to order them in a regular.  They also don’t come in 00 (these are size 0), not even on the US site.  Just as I thought, they were way, way, way too big.  I think they’re going to be […]

You Hate Vanity Sizing!

Share We aren’t surprised here at Shorty Stories!  65% of you mentioned that you did not like vanity sizing because you have been sized out of clothing at most stores.  Another 25% of you don’t know what vanity sizing is (REALLY?  Haven’t you noticed that you’re taking a smaller size, despite NOT losing weight?).  5% […]

October 2008 Poll Results

Share Question: Have you been sized out? 41% said: Yes! It’s impossible to find anything in stores now! 47% said: I’ve been sized out of some brands, but not all. 6% said: Nope! I can find clothes just fine, although they’re a little long at times 4% said: What’s “sizing out”? 2% said: Other Readers, […]

Size 000 @ Banana Republic?

ShareIt looks like Banana Republic is adding 000P and XXS to their sizing. According to the size charts, 000P measures 29 1/2-22-31 1/2. Of course, the actual measurements would probably be closer to 30 1/2-23-32 1/2 (or even 32-24-33), knowing how the store vanity sizes. What do you think of this? What’s next 0000P? 00000P? […]