Video Interview with the 16th Bar blogger/Designer

ShareDon’t forget to enter our TopShop scarf giveaway!!! Recently, I sent petite blogger/designer, Frankie from the 16th Bar a list of questions to answer. Rather than sending me answers via email, she decided to respond via video! It’s a little bit long, but check it out below! (I think many stylists and fashion industry people […]

Crystal Renn Once Weighed 95 Pounds (VIDEO)

ShareI can’t imagine weighing 95 lb at Crystal’s height. I’m only 5’2" and am considered on the "light side" for my height at that weight.Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Readers: What Camera Should I Get?

SharePetiteLittleGirl’s post about her new camera has inspired me to write one of my own. I am definitely looking for a new one, but the question is this: which one? Do I want something more compact, or should I go for a full-out DSLR? For the past two years or so, I have been using […]

Vantha Ry: New Petite Line

Share Check out this new petite designer! A full profile will be coming to Shorty Stories and Prospere Magazine soon!

Petite Rant Video I found on YouTube

Share I found this video on YouTube the other day when I was doing a search on petite-related videos. I wish there were more people out there actually making videos about petite-related issues – it’s the only way to get the world to listen to us. Readers, have YOU thought of making videos?

Promo for Prospere Magazine

Share Prospere Magazine is a lifestyle/business blog for women in their 20s and 30s. It’s updated twice weekly, with full issues out every other Tuesday.

Nasty Messages at YouTube

Share I can’t say that I’m not surprised about the nasty messages that people have been leaving me at a YouTube video (above – apologizes for the poor quality…I had an awful camera at the time) I created last year. In the video, which was intended to be a response to another size-related video called […]

Non-Standard Size Fashion (Media) Industry Challenge – UPDATE

Share Remember the challenge I issued to the world of fashion media back in July? As the only REAL publication to publish something that’s truly petite-related was the January 2008 issue of US Glamour, I’m reposting the video (this is the second time I’m doing so. I did an update about a month after the […]

5ft2in Fashion Show Video

Share Back in October, I profiled California based petite designer, Sunny Suppa and her line of pants, 5ft2in. Her debut fashion show video is now available on YouTube and you can watch it right here at Shorty Stories! Once again, I wish Sunny the best of luck with her line! Maybe we’ll see her name […]

Advice on hemming pants

Share While the video is on hemming pants, it can be applied to other alterations as well, especially skirts and dresses. I also found a video advising on hemming by hand, for those of us who do not have a machine.