August McLaughlin’s Beauty of a Woman Blogfest: February 9/10, 2012

ShareI found August’s blog recently and came across The Beauty of a Woman Blogfest post.  August is encouraging people to post about what they define as The Beauty of a Woman on February 9, 2012, which can include any of the following: – When do you feel most beautiful? – The most beautiful you’ve ever […]

Donatella Says ‘No’ to Real Women…

ShareAccording to Stylite and New York Daily News, a photo shoot involving “real women” (all recent university graduates) wearing pieces from the Versace for H&M collection has been cancelled because all press-related Versace images must go through the authorities and Donatella doesn’t approve of using non-models.OOOKKKAAAAYYY. Both publications also reported that they sent Donatella and […]

Shorter women with proportionately longer legs “most attractrive” – Study

ShareNo wonder guys find Scarlett Johansson attractive. According to this study, the most attractive women have larger chests, are petite with legs long for their height. But this study doesn’t go into a lot of detail. How long is, well, “long”? And why are petite, curvy women with long legs more attractive than taller women? […]

Guy or Girl….height is an issue if you want to win awards…

ShareThe average height of a male winner is tall. No different than that of women. However, unlike women, the comedy-drama ratio varies. For women, the dramatic actress is generally taller than the comedy actress, while it isn’t necessarily the case for men. In fact, there are several instances where the comedy actor is taller than […]

Short issues through the eyes of the media – It’s NOT just a guy thing

ShareNotice that whenever the media talk about heightism, it focuses predominantly on shorter men. It’s the guys who have the trouble dating, getting higher salaries or being promoted to senior management or executive. Is it just me, or is this a form of sexism? Now, most people will say that shorter women have an easier […]

The Ideal College Girl circa 1912

ShareI’ve been reading College Girls by Lynn Peril, and there’s a chapter called “Fit in Mind and Body.” One page describes the ideal shape of a female student in 1912, according to Dr. Dudley A. Sargent, an early advocate of physical education. He was the director of the Harvard gym from 1879 to 1919. Some […]